We are excited to announce that BCL is working in tandem with Gram Panchayat Bansa, & HCL Foundation in mobilizing, tutoring, and mentoring 30 Class 8 students from 4 govt schools of 3 villages with the aim to crack the National Means Cum Merit Scholarship 2021.

This scholarship provides Rs 1000 per month to government school students who crack the scholarship exams for the next 4 years. This amount is quite helpful in ensuring that students from disadvantaged & rural areas may continue their education comfortably & decreases no. of dropouts.

There have been only 3 scholars in the past 3 years who got selected. The situation is such that not all forms in the whole district would be filled in. We rewarded these 3 scholars at our Library on the occasion of Teacher’s Day in order to motivate other students for this year.

We are working with the students of 4 government schools from 3 villages, teaching them offline in the Library. It is a challenging task for us all as many students had a complete break in their education for 2 years due to the pandemic and have just resumed attending school. Despite severe challenges, we are confident that we can assist our students in receiving this scholarship, and be exposed to writing competitive exams. This is a new format of teaching that we have commenced and are conducting daily along with help from teachers of the primary school.

We really require your support in the form of books, stationery & an honorarium amount to our teachers. You can help many students achieve a better education through us & we hope that we have your love & support!

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