Bansa Community Library & Resource Centre

The Bansa Community Library believes all people should have access to books.
We are a low-cost, people’s initiative.
We are committed to the work of building the movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all.

Bansa Community Library is proud to be a part of the Free Libraries Network.

Rural Library Movement

Bansa Community Library is the second library in the ‘Rural Library Movement’– an initiative to set up and sustain community-run libraries in the villages of India.
The first library under this initiative was established in Cheruia village (District Balia), and the third – and the most recent one – was set up
in Kalyanpur village (District Hardoi).
These libraries operation is locally managed by the community members and remotely supported by volunteers and patrons.

Student Leadership Council

Bansa Community Library imbibes a feeling of empowerment, strength and awareness among the children and the adults through the books that have always been everyone’s friends.