Bansa Community Library is registered under Bansa Educational Society. Bansa Educational Society is a registered society working in the field of Education. Bansa Community Public Library is the first community library in Bansa Village of  Hardoi District (UP). This initiative is started by a group of Law students led by Jatin Lalit Singh. 

Bansa Community Library aims to provide a free place where children can read and study, and issue. We believe that it is very important that everyone has access to books. Books take them into a unique world of imagination and help them live a better life. This is a basic Right which actually empowers them to exercise their rights. Today’s readers are the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. 

According to the Annual State of Education Report (ASER) survey conducted in September of this year, 2 out of 3 children living in rural areas did not have access to books and resources. So many children out there lack necessary resources for preparation of competitive exams, and they cannot afford to travel awy to cities from their villages. Also, it is very important to promote reading habits among children at a very young age.  Our aim is not only to create a reading culture in the area but also to rekindle the spark of curiosity in the mind of young children, and this initiative will give them free space and resources to read and study. 

The place will imbibe a feeling of empowerment, strength and awareness among the children and the adults through the books that have always been everyone’s friends. Moreover, the library has always offered a sense of belongingness and inclusivity to all irrespective of gender, class or community.

This is a work-in-progress blueprint for the activities of the library:

School Education

  • Conduct interactive sessions with kids (till 8th grade) focusing on improving basic literacy and numeracy and encouraging them to read more in their mother tongue and English.
  • Conduct weekly interactions on Social Emotional Learning.         
  • For 8th grade and above: engage classes for social science with a focus on legal literacy, and help with their Board preparations, wherever possible.
  • Regular counselling to gauge what the student is interested in and provide support accordingly.
  • Encourage peer-learning as well as older students teaching the younger ones.
  • Provide art supplies to those who are interested.

Assistance with Competitive Exams:

  • For those in college who wish to appear for Government job exams, assistance in terms of reading materials and guidance will be provided.
  • Encouragement to vocational training and entrepreneurship through Govt. schemes. 
  • Adult education
  • Basic literacy and numeracy along with socio-legal literacy.

Modus operandi:

  • After spreading awareness about the library and its proposed activities in the area, registrations will be done for those who wish to learn as well as those who wish to volunteer for teaching or library administration. 
  • Thereafter, groups would be formed and each teaching activity will be tailor-made keeping in mind the level of the learner. Inputs from educationalists will be sought for this.
  • Both curriculum and pedagogy would be designed in a manner that does not become burdensome for the learners – and wherever possible, integration of art and experiential learning will be done.