Importance of Free Libraries

Reading helps to expand the mind and give us more ideas. Reading also develops the 

imagination and allows us to dream and think in ways. Allows for creative thinking. Not everyone has access to books and resources to educate themselves but everyone should. 

To ensure that each citizen gets equal opportunity, it is important that each citizen has equal access to resources, which can only be ensured by providing these resources for free. A large number of citizens do not have any access to books, and education., even though our Constitution talks about Equality and Right to Education. 

Every child should have access to books and education, so that they can have dreams, imagination, and make their lives and position better in the future. Libraries bring people closer to books, and to their dreams, and to each other. That is why there should be more free libraries and free spaces, where people who do not have resources, can learn.

We often tend to take our ability to reason, a by-product of the resources that surround us, for granted. This tends to come as a surprise to us, for we fail to understand the huge difference that the paucity of quality resources can make in someone’s life, who is probably not as privileged as we are. 

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The disproportionate spread of resources around us has been the cause of a phenomenon that often goes under the radar. We are all limited by the physical nature of our bodies but our mind knows no bounds.

An artist is not just a person who can draw but a person who can think differently and express it creatively. In that sense, each and everyone of us is an artist in some way.

The aforementioned phenomenon is the suppression, and to a huge extent, eradication of potential artists by encapsulating their minds in the prisons of their consciousness; always stuck with the physicality of their bodies.

To break the chains we have manufactured, we need to actively work to rekindle the flame of curiosity and the joy of learning in the people who have the least amount of resources to enable this change. 

We need to make education and the act of reading accessible to even the most marginalized person since it is the best tool in existence to free the mind.

When immersed in books, we all transition into an abstract world while our background and physical surroundings dissolve. The only thing that remains is a story that plays in our mind taking us away from our temporary problems and towards a hopeful future.

In an attempt to rejuvenate the youth of India, we have taken a small step in the right direction by setting up the Bansa Community Library renovating, the first and the only such institution in the entire district of Hardoi District of UP. We hope that many budding artists, readers & youth find a creative outlet, a place and a platform with the means of our humble efforts. 

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